My dream house presented by class 4a:



This is our dream house. We start in the cellar.Our cellar has a cinema with a bar and a big screen. We have also a sport room with a yoga mat. We own a room with a whirlpool and aroom with a bowling alley.

In the dressing room there is a New York table and a shelf.

In my room is a bed and a basket with five dogs and a carpet.


This is the first floor. There is a kitchen. In the kitchen is a picture, a kitchen island and the table for four. The next room ist he living room wth a TV, a sofa and a small pink table.

There is also a laundryroom with clotheslines and a washing machine.

In the second floor there is my own room. There is a big bed with three pink and blue pillows with stars on them. I have a pink floor and  pink wallpapers with little colorful triangles. On the left side there is may white wardrobe. On the other side there is a basket for my two guinea pigs. Beside my room there ist he bathroom.There is a big mint bathtub. In the middle ist the toilet and the washbasin with a big mirror is behind it.


In my bedroom is a red wardrobe and a brown bed with my favorite dog bedclothes. There is also a black desk on which my laptop and my phone are.  There is a colorful carpet on my floor. I have two dog baskets in my room for two dogs.


This is my dreamhouse.The house has git five rooms. This is my blue bathroom. In the bathroom is a toilet and a shower. In the hallway is a laser light. The other room is my red TV room with TV and an armchair.The other room is my bedroom. The green kitchen is in the upper room. There is a fridge, a stone oven and a table and a chair. This is my white bedroom. In the bedroom is a carpet, curtains a bed and a table. I have a green trampoline in my garden, a pond and a funicular. My name is hidden in the house and in the garden.

In my room is a big bed. It is brown and purple. I can open two sides oft he bed to store things under it. There are two small bookshelves over my bed. They are brown. And there is a big wardrobe in my room.

I can do my homework at my desk on the armchair.

In the cellar is a place to park the cars. We have two blue and one red „Porsche“ with four seats. We have a pool and a whirlpool in the cellar.

In our kitchen is an oven, a dishwasher and a big fridge. We can sit and eat at a lorge table with six chairs.

Written by Chiara, Judith, Emily and Janina